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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Through VMI, suppliers and The Save Mart Companies buyers agree to a specified inventory level to be maintained on products at our distribution centers. Warehouse inventory levels are provided daily in an EDI 852 transaction to VMI suppliers Sunday through Saturday. Suppliers on the VMI program are responsible for monitoring their inventory levels. When additional inventory is needed, the supplier sends an EDI 855 P.O. acknowledgment, which is transmitted through the existing EDI relationship. The acknowledgment serves as an inbound P.O. to The Save Mart Companies ordering system. The Save Mart Companies buyer will approve the order or suggest changes to the supplier. Shipment is arranged (usually by the supplier) to transport the items ordered to the Save Mart Companies distribution center. It is possible to have an 850 P.O. echoed back to the supplier after order approval, if desired.

Important: Suppliers MUST NOT resend an 855 transaction without prior approval from Duplicate 855’s may cause The Save Mart Companies warehouse system to crash.

We ask our suppliers who are interested in being set up for EDI transactions to contact their The Save Mart Companies buyer for approval.