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Product Recall

The Save Mart Companies is committed to offering only fresh, safe, high quality foods for our customers and their families. If any product we sell is deemed unfit for consumption, it will be removed from sale. Products may be recalled due to a variety of issues, as deemed necessary by The Save Mart Companies, appropriate governing agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors.

Product Recall Process

Suppliers are responsible for notifying The Save Mart Companies Recalls and their Customer Solutions Merchant immediately if there is an issue with their product, whether it is linked to an actual recall or a recall investigation. Please note that The Save Mart Companies Recalls, in collaboration with the pertinent Customer Solutions Merchant or Director, may issue a recall on any product at any time to protect our customers, our associates, and the best interest of our company. If a product is being recalled due to a health or safety issue and product disposition is not available, The Save Mart Companies Recalls may issue a “pull and hold” to immediately remove the product from sale with the disposition pending.

There are typically four types of disposition available for recalled or withdrawn products:
The Save Mart Companies asks its Suppliers to comply with our Corporate Reclamation Procedure that addresses national brand unsaleable items and manufacturer recalls. Our procedure is based on the 1990 Joint Industry Report for Product Reclamation Centers (JIR). The objective of this policy is to ensure fairness to all parties in the management of reclaimed product. Please click here for our procedure and Supplier Reclamation Agreement.