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The Save Mart Companies Procurement will make reasonable efforts to purchase product on promotion during the stated deal dates (“In Deal”). On occasion, due to logistical and processing limitations, product that should be eligible for per-case allowances may be ordered, shipped, and/or received on days before or after the stated Deal dates. We will make every attempt to modify deal dates prior to the purchase order execution however, in some instances such modification may not be possible.

For more details on allowances, please contact the Deals Management Department.

Promotional Allowance
In order to maintain efficient collaboration with our suppliers and to minimize manual processing, The Save Mart Companies asks suppliers to provide Notices of Promotion Allowances through DemandTec.

Suppliers seeking individualized instruction on utilizing the DemandTec portal or wishing to provide Notices of Promotional Allowances through other methods are asked to contact the Deals Management Department.

Freight Allowance
The Save Mart Companies calculates freight allowances based on the ordered weight indicated on the Purchase Order. Because The Save Mart Companies decision to pick up product is made with the intention of picking up a full truckload, we expect the full freight allowance (the allowance applicable to the full order), even if the order is shorted.

The Save Mart Companies will take steps to ensure that all earned freight allowances are received. Allowances may include (but are not limited to): pick-up allowances, plant-direct allowances, and truckload allowances.