The Save Mart Companies

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Payment Policies

Payment Due Date Calculation
(Calculations are based on date The Save Mart Companies takes possession.)
Cash Discount Calculations
When a cash discount is offered, The Save Mart Companies will calculate the discount based on the gross invoice amount which excludes all off-invoice allowances. The amount of cash discount will be calculated based on the more favorable of the purchase order or invoice terms. The discount due date is calculated based on the date The Save Mart Companies takes possession of the goods.

Shipping Discrepancies
Invoice deductions will be taken for shorted and/or damaged product discovered during the warehouse receiving process. In the event of backhauls and drop-trailer programs where inspection is not feasible upon delivery of the trailer, deductions will be made based on the counts taken when the trailer is unloaded.

Other Deductions
The Save Mart Companies reserves the right to deduct from outstanding supplier payables for allowances, bill backs, returns, post audits, coupon redemption bill backs, and other amounts due to The Save Mart Companies. In the event that a credit is due to The Save Mart Companies and there are no funds from which to deduct, The Save Mart Companies reserves the right to demand immediate payment by EFT.

C2FO - An Important Supplier Benefit
We have partnered with C2FO to facilitate accelerated payment of approved supplier invoices via their secure C2FO Market.
For a small discount, suppliers can receive early payment directly from The Save Mart Companies to improve cash flow at rates that are often less than the cost of borrowing short-term working capital.

C2FO enables suppliers to: For an introduction to The Save Mart Companies C2FO Program, log on to C2FO to provide contact information for their company. Suppliers will be contacted by a member of The Save Mart Companies supplier relationship management team.

Supplier Statements
Suppliers are required to provide a monthly statement of all account activity including credits and adjustments.