The Save Mart Companies

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Being a The Save Mart Companies Supplier

Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Save Mart Companies! If your company offers products to The Save Mart Companies for resale, you are considered to be a Supplier.

New Suppliers

The information below will assist The Save Mart Companies in evaluating your company and its product(s).

If your company is contacted by a The Save Mart Companies representative requesting a meeting, please bring your recommended product placement and schematic information to that meeting.
The purpose of this meeting is for The Save Mart Companies to evaluate your company and its products. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Once The Save Mart Companies decides to proceed with placing your product, you will be asked to provide information and documents identified in the Supplier Agreement Instructions below.

You will also be asked to register for the New Item Portal. used to identify details about items the supplier wishes to sell in partnership with The Save Mart Companies and includes an opportunity to identify distribution networks.

Existing Suppliers

As an existing supplier, please refer to and utilize the documents and forms identified in the Supplier Agreement Instructions below to maintain your approved status when The Save Mart Companies requires updated information.

Supplier Agreement Instructions

This is an outline of the procedures required to set up your company as an authorized supplier to The Save Mart Companies (“Save Mart”).
If you are providing a product or good that will be sold by Save Mart, you must complete the Supplier Evaluation Process documentation.

There are five (5) steps that must be taken to complete the supplier evaluation process; six (6) steps if any proprietary, confidential and/or non-public information will be revealed to a vendor. Please click here for a checklist of the minimum requirements. For potential private label suppliers, click here.

  1. Enroll with Repositrak: The Save Mart Companies has partnered with Repositrak to streamline the supplier setup process and ensure. Enrollment in Repositrak is a requirement for all suppliers of resale products. Click here for details regarding your Repositrak account.
  2. Note: All following documentation should be submitted to The Save Mart Companies through Repositrak.

  3. Supplier Agreement: A Supplier is required to sign the The Save Mart Companies Supplier Agreement (Standard Supplier Agreement) or if an Alcohol Supplier or Distributor, sign The Save Mart Companies ABC Supplier Agreement (ABC Supplier Agreement).
    This agreement sets forth the Terms and Conditions that will govern all your company’s transactions with Save Mart.
    Please note: If negotiations or discussions will be required in which Save Mart’s proprietary, confidential and/or non-public information will be revealed to a supplier, a separate NDA will be required before such dealings take place. Most negotiations with a supplier do involve such information and the form must be utilized before any information is exchanged. Executing this form may prevent delays in the Supplier set-up and contract approval process.

  4. Insurance: Save Mart requires that all suppliers maintain appropriate insurance coverage, as determined by Save Mart.
    The insurance requirements are set forth in Section 2 of the Supplier Agreement.
    • The minimum requirements for insurance are*:
      • General Liability: $2,000,000.00 per occurrence/ $2,000,000.00 gen. aggregate
      • Business Auto Liability: $1,000,000.00
      • Workers’ Compensation-Employers Liability: $1,000,000.00
      *Please note that Save Mart’s insurance requirements for your Company may be higher depending upon the nature of your business and/or transactions with Save Mart.
    • The insurance coverage must be provided by a company with a minimum “Best” rating of B+ or higher.
    • Your company’s insurance policy must name Save Mart Supermarkets, a California corporation as an additional insured and must include an Additional Insured Endorsement.

  5. W-9 form: Provide a signed and dated W-9. Company name on the W-9 must match the name on the Supplier Agreement. The W-9 standard IRS form can be found at:

  6. Remittance: Complete the The Save Mart Companies Supplier–Vendor Authorization Form to ensure your Company is properly set-up in Save Mart’s AP system.

  7. Non-Disclosure Agreement- NDA (if applicable): In the event any proprietary, confidential and/or non-public information will be revealed to a Vendor or Supplier, the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be completed.